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Biography -Mohsin Naqvi| an account of His Life, Story, and Urdu Shayari

Mohsin Naqvi- A Popularly Known Urdu Shayar (Poet) from Pakistan| His Life story and Biography in Brief


Mohsin Naqvi- An Introduction:

Mohsin Naqvi was a famous Urdu poet from Pakistan who was born on the 5th of May in the year 1947. His father’s name was Syed Chirag Hussain who was initially a saddle maker by profession and later started working as a food vendor. Mohsin Naqvi was originally named Ghulam Abbas by his parents. This name was later changed by him to Ghulam Abbas Mohsin Naqvi. He, along with his six siblings spent their childhood in a neighborhood at Pakistan called Muhallah-e-Sadat. It is situated in Dera Ghazi Khan which is a central city of Pakistan. Read all of the Best Urdu Shayari by Mohsin Naqvi on Poetryone.com

Education and Career:

The ones who are interested about Mohsin Naqvi, Urdu poet, ghazals, shayari, poems, Pakistani poet and write-ups will be pleased to know that Mohsin Naqvi did his graduation from Government College Bosan Road which is situated in Multan. He also did his masters degree from the reputed University of Punjab, Lahore. He slowly started getting fame and recognition for his poetry, sharayi and ghazals. Some of the books which are written by this famous Urdu poet include Rida-e-khwab, Haq-e-Aeliya, Azaab-e-Deed, Khaima-e-Jaan, Reza-e-harf, Rakht-e-shab, Berg-e-Sehra, Band-e-Kbaa, Taloo-e-ashk, Furat-e-fikr, etc.

Poems, Shayaris and Ghazals:

Some of the notable Urdu poems, shayaris and ghazals written by Mohsin Naqvi are listed as follows:

1. Kehte hain bare fakr se hum gum nahin kartein.

2. Maatam ki sada suntein hain maatam nahin kartein.

3. Woh loh bhala samjhengein kya raaz-e-shahadat.

4. Jo Eid toh kartein hain Muharram nahin kartein.

5. Kyu aap ka dil jalta hain kyu jalta hain seena.

6. Hum aap k seene pe toh maatam nahin kartein.

7. Moshin yeh maqbook riwayat hain jahan mein.

8. Qaatil kabhi maqtool ka maatam nahin kartein.

His Death:

Mohsin Naqvi was shot to death on the year 15th of January in the year 1996 at his residence, situated at Lahore since he was vocal against Taliban. His funeral prayer occurred at Nasir Bagh and later his body was laid to rest at the town of his birth.

Biography -Mohsin Naqvi| an account of His Life, Story, and Urdu Shayari
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