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Poetry on Life

Poetry on Life

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Four Lines Poems & Shayari Composition

Poetry created in Four Lines seems like wine offered in "No more, no less" quantity. Read Some really cool poems in Urdu & Hindi in four lines. We are regularly adding more poems and shayari in this collection.
Like 2 Lines Poems, Four Lines poems and Shayari is also popular all across the Poetry World. "4 Lines poetry" is loved by almost all types of poem lovers due to the shear beauty and magic created in just four piece of lines! Read all of the four lines poems & poetry at Poetryone.com

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Enjoy the different colors of Poetry in several forms and mediums on Poetryone. We at Poetryone are determined to bring you the every best piece of Urdu, Hindi & English poetry that is Popular, Trending, and Heart + Soul touching. Poetry is a dance of expressions in us of Love, Joy, Sorrow, Life, Death, Happiness, Anguish, Pangs, Pains, Delights...! Poems for every occasion & Colors of Life in Everyone of Us. Lets celebrate and enjoy every moment and mood of life, the life that lives like a poetry.

Shayari Urdu Poetry

Urdu has always been a language for Shayari, Ghazals, and Nazms. Undoubtedly, no other language has given birth to soul touching poetry compared to Urdu. And, Arab countries, India, and Pakistan have been the most prominent places for Urdu Shayari and Poetry in the World over.

Collection of Urdu Ghazals

Ghazal has been immensely famous more among the real Urdu Poetry lovers rather than the mass. Ghazal is a form of Urdu poetry that goes deep into heart with an intense impact. Ghazal is profound, sharp, penetrating, yet very impressive and effective. Read such of the Best Urdu Ghazals at Poetryone.

Poems & Shayaries That Tell a Story!

Poetry is a story and Poetryone brings you the same stories that are best when they are expressed in poems. A Collection of Memorable & unforgettable Poems. Kind of the Shayari and Ghazals that take you to an entirely different world that seems unreal BUT is more like a Life & Reality in every one of us! Read the Poetry Blog for the poems & Shayaries in Urdu, Hindi, and English of the same kind.

Featured Poet-Munawwar Rana

All the Poems-Shayari by Popular Indian Urdu Poet Munawwar Rana

Read All of the best Shayari, Ghazals, and popular Poems written by Famous Urdu Shayar Munawwar Rana.
Read Biography of Munawwar Rana Munawwar-rana-Photo
Read All the Urdu Poetry by Munawwar Rana