Sher Se Shayari Se Darte Hain..

Ghazals Habib Jalib

Habib Jalib Poetry

Sher se shayari se darte hain,
kam nazar roshni se darte hain.

Log darte hain dushmani se teri,
hum teri dosti se darte hain.

Dahar mein aah-e-be-kasaan ke siwa,
aur hum kab kisi se darte hain.

Hum ko ghairon se dar nahin lagta,
apne ahbaab hi se darte hain.

Daawar-e-hashr bakhsh de shayad,
haan magar maulvi se darte hain.

Roothta hai toh rooth jaaye jahaan,
un ki hum berukhi se darte hain.

Har kadam par hai mohtasib ‘jalib’
ab toh hum chaandni se darte hain. !!

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