Munawwar Rana- Biography of a Popular Indian Urdu, Hindi Poet

Brief Biography of a Popular Indian Urdu Shayar : Munawwar Rana Saheb


Munawwar Rana- An Introduction:

Munawwar Rana is an eminent Urdu poet from India who was born in the year 1952. Munawwar Rana is originally from Rae Bareli, situated in Uttar Pradesh but later in his life; most of his time has been spent at Kolkata. These days, the eminent Indian poet of Urdu language lives in Lucknow. Other than writing Urdu poetry, he is also well known as a writer of prose pieces. Read all of the Best Urdu Poems Hindi Poetry by Munawwar Rana

Claim to Fame:

Everyone who has little or more interest in Munawwar Rana, Urdu poet, ghazals, shayari, poems, Indian poet and other information related to literature would be pleased to know that Munawwar Rana is famous for his couplets comprising Hindi and Awadhi words. This special talent gave him a better edge than other poets and thus gained him various fans and followers. The best known Urdu couplets that are made with Hindi and Awadhi words are about praises to mother. His extremely talent in writing also made him very popular in and outside India as well. He is best known as a very successful and famous poet at Mushairas. A public spat between him and poet Bashir Badr in the month of February of the year 2006 at a public functions has been widely anticipated.

Notable Features of His Poetry:

The most notable and interesting feature of the poetry of Munawwar Rana is the absence of flowery language. It had been previously thought that Urdu poetry is all about flowery words and dedications of lovers. Munawwar Rana broke that conception with his poetry to eulogize mother and also he shuns chaste Urdu through the couplets he delivers with amazing excellence. He took Urdu shayari and ghazals to a new level where Urdu poetry was exhibited in a lot of different variety rather than just the medium of conversation between two lovers. Munawwar Rana performs wonderful and live poetry on stage for special occasions and events.

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