Ab Aayen Ya Na Aayen Idhar Poochhte Chalo..

Ghazals Sahir Ludhianvi

Ab aayen ya na aayen idhar poochhte chalo,
kya chaahti hai un ki nazar poochhte chalo.

Hum se agar hai tark-e-taalluq toh kya hua,
yaaro koi toh un ki khabar poochhte chalo.

Jo khud ko keh rahe hain ki manzil shanaas hai,
un ko bhi kya khabar hai magar poochhte chalo.

Kis manzil-e-muraad ki jaanib rawaan hain hum,
aye raah-rawaan-e-khaak-basar poochhte chalo. !!

Sahir Ludhianvi

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