A Letter From A Broken Heart..

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I know I shouldn’t care or wonder how you are because someone is with you at this moment,

doing the role that I’m suppose to do.. but I can’t hide this hurt inside my broken heart.

I’m here trying to make a fool out of myself.. pretending like I don’t care about you, but i wish if you only knew what I’m going through.

You were my First Love and when you left, I wanted to be furious.. I wanted to scream.. and I wanted to cry loudly ! But i couldn’t do so with the thoughts that people will blame you for all this.

But my absent heart still beat for you. You know this Love comes from the deepest part of my heart. That’s the reason why I died deep inside when you left.

Now I’m fighting back emotions that I never fought before.. when you left I tried to stay calm, I thought I’d forget you one day.. but I was wrong.

No matter how much you’ve hurt me.. the more I stayed away from you, the more I realized how much I Love You and your Happiness is my first preference.

I wonder how you are now, I don’t know if you’re ok.. or something bothering you. Still, I wish you’re fine… I wish you’re alright… I wish you’re happy.

I just want to say.. “I never thought that I would meet someone who was so hard to forget ! and that someone is You !”

Hope you remember me,

only yours..


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