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Ze Bas Ki Mashq e Tamasha Junoon Alaamat Hai..

Mirza Ghalib Poetry

Ze-bas ki mashq-e-tamasha junoon alaamat hai,
kushad-o-bast-e-mizhah sili-e-nadaamat hai.

Na jaanun kyonki mite daagh-e-ta.an-e-bad-ahdi,
tujhe ki aaina bhi warta-e-malaamat hai.

Ba-pech-o-taab-e-hawas silk-e-aafiyat mat tod,
nigaah-e-ajz sar-e-rishta-e-salaamat hai.

Wafa muqaabil-o-daava-e-ishq be-buniyaad,
junoon-e-sakhta-o-fasl-e-gul qayaamat hai. !!

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