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Woh Banjar Khet Ke Hissey Ka Paani Bech Deta Hai..

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 Woh banjar khet ke hissey ka paani bech deta hai,
 kabhi dariya kabhi uss ki rawaani bech deta hai.

 Kisi bhi mantiqi* anjaam tak jaane nahin deta,
 kisi kirdaar se mil kar kahaani bech deta hai.

 Kisi taaza mohabbat ki kharidaari ki khaatir woh,
 kisi pichhli mohabbat ki nishaani bech deta hai.

 Koi tehreer bhi paaband kar sakti nahin uss ko,
 woh dastaawez ko bhi munh-zubaani bech deta hai.

 Usey tabdeel hone mein zara sa waqt lagta hai,
 nayi poshaak milte hi puraani bech deta hai. !!


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