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Search PoetryOne for poetry, writing, ghazals, shayari, poems, urdu shayari,

Visit Poetryone Website Regularly to read best of the Poetry world in Urdu, English, and Hindi. Nazams and Ghazals on Love, Life, Romance, Relationships, and Memorable Moments.


Poetryone was founded in 2013 and in a very short span it has gain good faith from several thousands of visitors across the web.

Visit our Poetry blog to read Poems and Shayari from Legendary Poets from India, Pakistan, Arab Countries. A Place where you get to read all of the trending Urdu+Hindi+English Poems, Shayari, Nazms, and Ghazals by Eminent Poets, including these-

Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Mohsin Naqvi, Gulzar, Abdul Hamid Adam, Ahmad Faeaz, Aitbar Sajid, Bashir Badr, Ibn Insha, Jaun Eliya, Munawwar Rana, Qateel Shifai, Rahat Indori, Wasi Shah, Wasim Barelvi, Akbar Allahabadi, Jigar Moradabadi Munir Niazi, etc.

At Poetryone.com you can also publish your own written poems for Hindi, Urdu, or English Language.Be in our Poetry community and get latest updates on Best of the Poetry World.

At www.Poetryone.com you can even read Biographies of your favorite poets from Urdu and Hindi World.

Poetryone website is edited and maintained by experts who have got good understanding of all kind of poetry.

This is the reason you will find only the best one poetry pieces getting published on the site.

PoetryOne.com is growing rapidly due to its appeal to the readers and it is visited by several thousands of poetry lovers across the globe. The main countries where the site is gaining a load of good response are : India, Pakistan, Arab Countries, Indonesia, Bangladesh, United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

Connect with us and get chance to read refreshing poems, shayari, Ghazals, Nazms, two lines-four lines poetry by legendary poets from all across the universe.

You are most welcome at Poetryone to read, share, and comment on the poetry which is close to your heart and soul!

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