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Nigaahon Mein Khumaar Aata Hua Mehsoos Hota Hai..

Qateel Shifai Poetry

Nigaahon mein khumaar aata hua mehsoos hota hai,
tasawwur jaam chhalakaata hua mehsoos hota hai.

Khiraam-e-naaz aur un ka khiraam-e-naaz kya kehna,
zamana thokaren khaata hua mehsoos hota hai.

Tasawwur ek zehni justujoo ka naam hai shayad,
dil un ko dhoond kar laata hua mehsoos hota hai.

Kisi ki nuqrai paazeb ki jhankaar ke sadqe,
mujhe saara jahaan gaata hua mehsoos hota hai.

Qateel’ab dil ki dhadkan ban gayi hai chaap qadmon ki,
koi meri taraf aata hua mehsoos hota hai. !!

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