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Mohabbat Farz Jaisi Hai..

Love shayari-poetry, aishwarya-abhishek

Mohabbat Farz Jaisi Hai,
Nibhaana Seekh Jaaoge..

Dilon Pe Qarz Jaisi Hai,
Chukaana Seekh Jaaoge..

Labon Pe Phool Jaisi Hai,
Khilaana Seekh Jaaoge..

Nazar Mein Aag Jaisi Hai,
Lagaana Seekh Jaaoge..

Tum Tak Faasla Jo Hai,
Mitaana Seekh Jaaoge..

Kabhi Jo Dil Mein Aa Beithe,
Zamaana Bhool Jaaoge …!

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