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Karaahte Hue Insaan Ki Sadaa Hum Hain..

Habib Jalib Poetry

Karaahte hue insaan ki sadaa hum hain,
main sochta hun meri jaan aur kya hum hain.

Jo aaj tak nahin pahunchi khuda ke kaanon tak,
sar-e-dayaar-e-sitam aah-e-naa-rasaa hum hain.

Tabaahiyon ko muqaddar samajh ke hain khamosh,
humara ghum na karo dard-e-laa-dava hum hain.

Kahan nigaah se guzarte hain dukh bhare dihaat,
haseen shehron ke hi ghum mein mubtala hum hain. !!

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