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Fitrat Ne Na Bakhsha Mujhe Andesha-e-Chaalaak..

Allama Iqbal Poetry

Fitrat ne na bakhsha mujhe andesha-e-chaalaak,
rakhti hai magar taaqat-e-parwaaz meri khaak.

Woh khaak ki hai jis ka junoon saiqal-e-idraak,
woh khaak ki jibreel ki hai jis se qabaa chaak.

Woh khaak ki parwaa-e-nasheman nahin rakhti,
chunti nahin pehna-e-chaman se khaas-o-khaashaak.

Iss khaak ko allaah ne bakhshe hain woh aansoo,
karti hai chamak jin ki sitaaron ko araq-naak. !!

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