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Dil Par Jo Zakhm Hain Woh Dikhayen Kisi Ko Kya..

Habib Jalib Poetry

Dil par jo zakhm hain woh dikhaayen kisi ko kya,
apna shareek-e-dard banaayen kisi ko kya.

Har shakhs apne apne ghumon mein hai mubtalaa,
zindaan mein apne saath rulaayen kisi ko kya.

Bichhde hue woh yaar woh chhode hue dayaar,
reh reh ke hum ko yaad jo aayen kisi ko kya.

Rone ko apne haal pe tanhaai hai bahut,
uss anjuman mein khud pe hansaayen kisi ko kya.

Woh baat chhed jis mein jhalakta ho sab ka ghum,
yaadein kisi ko tujh ko sataayen kisi ko kya.

Soye hue hain log toh honge sukoon se,
hum jaagne ka rog lagaayen kisi ko kya.

Jalib’ na aayega koi ahwaal poochhne,
dein shehar-e-be-hisaan mein sadaayen kisi ko kya. !!

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