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Gulzar- One of the most Popular Indian Urdu Poets & Cinematic Icons

Brief Biographical Note On Gulzar- A Popular Indian Urdu Poet & Bollywood Lyricist


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Gulzar- An Introduction:

Gulzar Deenvi or simply Gulzar is the pen name of a popular Indian Urdu poet as well as lyrist who was originally named as Sampooran Singh Kalra. He was born on the 18th of August in the year 1936. Gulzar’s father’s name is Makhan Singh Kalra and his mother’s name is Sujan Kaur. He was later married to Rakhee and the name of his daughter is Meghna Gulzar. He has three famous biographies, written in the years 2004, 2007 and 2012. The first one was written by his daughter Meghna Gulzar under the title “Because he is…”


Everyone who is interested in Gulzar, Urdu poet, Ghazals, Shayari, poems, Indian poet and lyrics would be surprised to know that initially Gulzar was scolded for his writings by his father and hence he started to write with his pet name. Later, he got immense recognition and respect as a lyricist, director, poet, dialogue writer, narrator, etc. As a lyricist, he started his career with the film Bandini in the year 1963. The first film to be directed by Gulzar was named Mere Apne and released in the year 1971. As far as his poems are concerned, Gulzar wrote in several Hindi dialects such as Khariboli, Hariyanvi, Braj Bhasha and Marwari, other than Urdu and Punjabi. Karadi Tales is an audio book series which have been written and narrated by this great man who was also appointed at Assam University in the year 2013 as the chancellor.


For his amazing work in several movies, Gulzar has bagged immense number of prestigious awards. Few of his most prestigious awards include the Padma Bhushan, the Dada Phakle Award, the Sahitya Academy Award, Gammy Award, etc. He won his first National Films Award as a screenplay writer in the 1972 for Koshish. His first Filmfare award as a dialogue writer was won for Anand in the year 1972. He has won several National Films Awards and Filmfare awards and continues to work as a successful and respected lyricist.

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Gulzar- One of the most Popular Indian Urdu Poets & Cinematic Icons
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