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Benaam Sa Ye Dard Thehar Kyon Nahin Jaata..

Benaam sa ye dard thehar kyon nahin jaata,
jo beet gaya hai woh guzar kyon nahin jaata.

Sab kuchh toh hai kya dhoondhti rehti hain nigaahen,
kya baat hai main waqt pe ghar kyon nahin jaata.

Woh ek hi chehra toh nahin saare jahaan mein,
jo door hai woh dil se utar kyon nahin jaata.

Main apni hi uljhi hui raahon ka tamaasha,
jaate hain jidhar sab main udhar kyon nahin jaata.

Woh khwaab jo barson se na chehra na badan hai,
woh khwaab hawaaon mein bikhar kyon nahin jaata. !!

Nida Fazli

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