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Ajab Ek Shor Sa Barpa Hai Kahin..

Jaun Elia Poetry 

Ajab ek shor sa barpa hai kahin,
Koi khaamosh ho gaya hai kahin.

Hai kuchh aisa ki jaise ye sab kuchh,
Ab se pehle bhi ho chuka hai kahin.

Jo yahan se kahin na jaata tha,
Woh yahan se chala gaya hai kahin.

Tujh ko kya ho gaya ki cheezon ko,
Kahin rakhta hai, dhundhta hai kahin.

Tu mujhe dhoondh, main tujhe dhoondhun,
Koi hum mein se reh gaya hai kahin.

Isi kamre se ho ke koi widaa,
Isi kamre mein chhup gaya hai kahin . !!

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