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Aarzuen Hazaar Rakhte Hain..

Meer Taqi Meer Poetry

Aarzuen hazaar rakhte hain,
toh bhi hum dil ko maar rakhte hain.

Barq kam-hausla hai hum bhi toh,
dil ko be-qaraar rakhte hain.

Ghair hi maurid-e-inaayat hai,
hum bhi toh tum se pyaar rakhte hain.

Na nigaah ne payaam ne waada,
naam ko hum bhi yaar rakhte hain.

Hum se khush-zamzama kahan yun toh,
lab-o lehja hazaar rakhte hain.

Chotte dil ke hain butaan mash.hoor,
bas yahi aitbaar rakhte hain.

Phir bhi karte hain ‘meer’ saahab ishq,
hain jawaan ikhtiyaar rakhte hain. !!

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Aarzuen Hazaar Rakhte Hain..
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