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Aap Apna Ghubar The Hum Toh – Jaun Eliya Ghazal

Jaun Eliya Ghazal – Aap Apna Ghubar Thay Hum To

Aap apna ghubar the hum toh,
yaad the yaadgar the hum toh.

Pardagi hum se kyon rakha parda,
tere hi pardadaar the hum toh.

Waqt ki dhoop mein tumhare liye,
shajar-e saayadaar the hum toh.

Ude jaate hain dhool ke maanind,
aandhiyon par sawaar the hum toh.

Hum ne kyon khud pe aitbaar kiya,
sakht be’aitbaar the hum toh.

Sharam hai apni baar baari ki,
be’sabab baar baar the hum toh.

Kyon humein kar diya gaya majboor,
khud hi be’ikhtiyaar the hum toh.

Tumne kaise bhula diya hum ko,
tum se hi mustaar the hum toh.

Khush na aaya hamein jiye jaana,
lamhe lamhe pe baar the hum toh.

Seh bhi lete humare taano ko,
jaaneman jaan’nisaar the hum toh.

Khud ko dauraan-e haal mein apne,
betarah naagawaar the hum toh.

Tumne hum ko bhi kar diya barbaad,
naadir-e rozgaar the hum toh.

Hum ko yaaron ne yaad bhi na rakha,
Jaun’ yaaron ke yaar the hum toh. !!

Aap Apna Ghubar The Hum Toh – Jaun Eliya Ghazal
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